The latest in the James Bond series. SKYFALL -  film club

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  1. Sue Jackson says:

    Hey, Jenny – I was thinking we would watch this tonight, but it is not yet released on DVD, so you might want to choose a different movie for your first one. I suspect many people are like me and aren’t able to go to the theater very often and rely more on DVDs.

    We recently watched Moonrise Kingdom and Pitch Perfect and enjoyed both of those!


    • jenny says:

      SOrry sue, it’s been out on dvd for a week here, thought it must be everywhere too! I’ll have a look at the other choices v:)
      Thanks for letting me know!

      • Sue Jackson says:

        I saw your note that it’s been released on DVd already. It’s not in Redbox yet, though (it’s listed as Coming Soon).

        We rarely buy DVDs or use the newer streaming services just because all our money goes to medical expenses! We get most of our movies from the library (free!) or once in a while from Redbox (a DVD vending machine with movies for $1). So, we don’t always have access right when they are released. Don’t change it on my account, though :)

        We will check it out once it is in redbox.

        • jenny says:

          Ok, we’ll keep this one, and you can comment when you do watch it. But you do make some good points, and I need to keep them in mind when choosing films!
          Suggestions are welcome though, so feel free to make a suggestion for the next film :)

  2. jenny says:

    I loved this film. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. The villain was scary and I could follow the story easily. I found one part unbelievable, but the rest was entertaining and action packed. Not my usual chill out film, but it kept my attention (the hubby w the one to fall asleep this time… The tables turned!)

  3. Sue Jackson says:

    Wow, your husband fell asleep in the midst of all that action?? I would think there were enough explosions, chase scenes, and shooting to keep anyone awake – lol.

    We watched it this weekend. Here’s my mini review:

    My husband and son loved all the action! I’m not a big fan of action flicks but enjoyed the plot in this one. And I liked that it gave some backstory on James Bond as a child – that was a surprise that I enjoyed.


  4. jenny says:

    I was shocked too sue! But then he does deal with violent kids at school, so I guess that was enough action for him for one day :)

    Loved your write up of it, I too liked the childhood bit and his relationship with M.

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